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Church Office, Weirhill, St Mary's Road, Melrose. TD6 9LJ
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Scottish Charity No: SC006480

The United congregation of Bowden & Melrose was formed in 2007 and retains both its two places of worship.
A very warm welcome awaits all be it to our 9.30 am Sunday worship in Bowden Kirk or the 11.00 am service in the larger church in Melrose.
This is a Church of Scotland congregation within the Presbytery of Melrose and Peebles.

On Sunday 15th January the Rev Rosemary Frew preached as Sole Nominee for the Parish of Bowden & Melrose. This took place in Melrose Parish Church at 11.00 am. with a large congregation in attendance.
Following the service the members of the congregation voted in secret ballet to accept her as their new minister by 203 votes to 4.
This resounding acceptance will now be presented to Presbytery and they will then make arrangements for the induction of Rev Rosemary Frew some time hopefully in March.
For more detail on Rev Rosemary Frew's background click on this link.

Bowden Kirk
Melrose Church

Bowden Kirk

Melrose Church

Until the acceptance of the "Call" and the induction of Rev Rosemary Frew, the Interim Moderator remains the Very Rev David Arnott and the Locum Minister the Rev Bruce McNicol, who will continue to offer pastrol care to the congregation and parish.

The Parish Profile which was approved by the Kirk Session and was the guiding document in the work of the Nomination Committee can still be viewed and downloaded by following this link.

The Very Rev David Arnott can be contacted by phone or e-mail these being 01721 725979 &
The Rev Bruce McNicol can be contacted by phone or e-mail these being 01835 862991&

Sunday services are held at Bowden Church at 9.30 AM and at Melrose Church at 11.00 AM.

Although the churches website is always subject to review and updating we are keen to see further developments that tell more about the work of the congregation and our activities within the local communities. The website continues to offer all of the essential news and information along with sections on the churches history and past editions of the parish magazine. This data can be accessed via the navigation bar above or the links below.

  • Calendar of Services and Activities Please note that the Calendar first published and in the magazine has been revised to reflect recent changes and additions.
    • Services on Sunday 8th January to be conducted by Very Rev David Arnott
    • Addition of a Session Meeting on Thursday 12th January at 7.30 pm
    • United service in Melrose Church on Sunday 15th January when Rev Rosemary Frew will conduct worship as Sole Nominee.
  • Elders' duties
  • Door duties
  • Parish magazine
The current magazine for the summer months is now available to download and view on line.

This current edition is packed with interesting and thought provoking articles. As well as the usual information on church activities and the listing of rotas we would highlight the following.

  • Letter from the Interim Moderator
  • Details for the Christmas Services
  • Jim Marshall's presentation
  • Fairtrade
  • Christian Aid Malawi collection

Alongside the two churches the town of Melrose has the Roman Catholic High Cross Church, and the Scottish Episcopal Church of Holy Trinity.

The Parish Church endeavours to provide a service to all the community, both member and non-member alike. The buildings are in almost daily use by the people of Melrose and in the following pages we provide information on the many ways in which the Parish Churches form a vital part within the two Communities.

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